Love The Beach But Can’t Stand The Sand Sticking To Your Body?

Love The Beach But Can’t Stand The Sand Sticking To Your Body?
This Amazing Military-Grade Sand Free Beach Mat saves your family the hassle of tracking sand or dirt everywhere!

Love The Beach But Can’t Stand The Sand Sticking To Your Body?

This Amazing Military-Grade Sand Free Beach Mat saves your family the hassle of tracking sand or dirt everywhere!

This Amazing Military-Grade Sand Free Beach Mat saves your family the hassle of tracking sand or dirt everywhere!


Sand-Free Weave Technology

Made from two layers of patented woven polyurethane that instantly filters the sand as soon as it hits the surface. The specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent the sand from reemerging.



Perfect for the true outdoor enthusiast, it works great as aground mat when camping, backpacking, and RVing. Our beach mat can easily fold into pocket size for any outdoor adventures.

Wind Resistant

The 4 Anchor Stakes can be used to firmly secure the mat to the sand or grass, preventing the beach mat from being blown away and making it perfect for any situation.


Machine Washable

Easily wash your beach mat with any regular washing machine. Built to last, washing the mat will have no lasting effect on the quality!

How It Works

The dual-layer mesh technology features a top layer that allows particles to pass through it while the bottom layer prevents sand beneath it from rising up, saving you and your family the dirty and uncomfortable ride home.


Military Grade

Our Mat eliminates all dirt, dust, and water from its surface to ensure a clean and dry mat wherever you take it!



Andreas Valles
Honestly this is the best sitting area. It feels like being wrapped in a breeze! It is cool to the touch. You can fling debris off of it easily, its huge yet light weight! I know this seems selfish but in this time of social distancing stake your claim on large real estate with this blanket. Sit in the middle and there is your 6 foot perimeter!
Eric T.
Looking forward to using in the summer, under the tent. Set convenient (compact). The fabric looks durable. To the seller Thank you and good sales.
Alek K.
I recently got this and loved it so far. It is very portable, so it doesn’t take much space in my car, and I left it there. I used it on both sand and grass so far. The grass was wet from the rain last night, but this blanket stayed dry. I didn’t check the stake that comes with it because we were sitting on it. I used to use a beach towel for the beach but this is so much better because it is portable and easy to clean.
Debbie B.
Corresponds to the description, thin truth! On a picnic or on the beach with children the most it!!!! Thank you
Rebecca S.
Nice mat. All as in the description and looks the same. In fact, in fact, this is nylon fabric rip stop (with Protect from paresos) tailored in size and neatly sewn. But this is exactly what you need. You need to understand that this is not a soft fluffy mat. In the package there are pegs, you can stretch on the terrain. Very light, complete with pegs and a cover of only 225 grams. Well, of course. Photo made on a white sheet, in Photoshop you can adjust the white balance to see the exact color. But by the way, he is straight in the Toch as in the description. So I wouldn't bother. I came fast. The seller Thank you very much. The thing is counting
Earn K.
I love it! Very practical, just what I wanted! Major upgrade over the old beach sheet. The included stakes are super helpful on a windy beach. Also great how sand doesn't stick to it.
Gonzalo B.
He arrived fast and well. At first glance it is correct. It has a good size, is stored in a small bag and is very light although it is also a very fine fabric, so for use rather on beach or grass and not on hard terrain or with branches (it was already seen by images). Now to wait so I can prove it.
Tristan L.
Good product, light and waterproof. Ideal for putting it on the lawn, or beach.. Received before the deadline.
Robert L.
If you have a big family with kids and go out for beaches or parks regularly this beach mat / blanket is a must have. Especially during this corona pandemic time it’s not safe to go out and sit outside on benches, on grass or on sand at beaches. this blanket is sturdy and fits anywhere. easy to clean and wash as well. I just wish the material was more thicker. But So far good no major issues. Good beach blanket / mat for outdoor use.
Flor G.
Great plaid. All as in the description. Light. Thank you so much. Shipping fast.
Juan A.
As described. Fast shipping. Look forward to using this blanket by Bluwater Supply at the beach, picnic with family, or just to take a nap anywhere, recommend this seller.
Kieth H.
Well packaged and fast shipping! Looks well and as explained, very compact! Sadly we will have a chance to test it in 5-6 months 😉
Karl K
This blanket was so light weight and easy to use, I recommend!
Linda S.
I was looking for something not too expensive for beach activities with my kids. When putting this in front of my sport tent, it never gathered sands from kids’ wet sandy feet. Kids could sit on top of it with their wet sandy swimsuit to eat and then went back to play on sand. The holes on the mat are big enough to release the sands to the ground. On the other way, when pushing harder, the sands will show up on the mat and then go away. But, if really cared about the sands come up, folded it becoming double layers mat and the sand will never come back. I also think it would be a good idea to put this outside a tent when camping. But, not suggest this to any wet floor/grass. It can’t stop your pants getting wet.
Bobby T.
Was very surprised when received it . It is takes much less space then I expected. Just imagine, you can easily have it even in your purse! Super comfortable to carry around. I have it in my car, during the day if we make decision to go to the beach , it is always with me. It is very light, and thin!!! So don’t expect to be like a real beach blanket.
Ebony D.
Exactly what I needed! Great to use at the beach instead of just towels! We use it alone just to avoid the sand when we just one sit at the beach for a while, or with our tent and chairs as week also to avoid the sand and extra heat. Works perfectly and I love that it fits in a really small case, great to carry it around!
Zacharie J.
Good product, light and waterproof. Ideal for putting the tent on it. Received before the deadline.
Jarom R.
Good quality, the same as in the picture, I recommend. Fast delivery . I bought this to keep in my vehicle and we’ve used it several times already. Lightweight, folds down small, Sturdy, and comes with stakes. I’m glad I bought this!


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